Project Profile

Located on 2nd Avenue, near Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, this 24-story, multi-family, mixed-use high rise will soon become home to a variety of residential apartment units, a parking garage and 3,690 square feet of ground floor retail space. The cantilever terrace roof at the building’s crest, which contains an oculus that opens to the sky, will allow the outdoor amenity deck to be used year-round.

Challenging, yet exhilarating.
This is the kind of project that makes Snyder shine. When you combine a 24-story high rise, multiple trades on site at once and one of Seattle’s busiest neighborhoods, things can get complicated. We pride ourselves in being up to the challenge on ventures like this where trade stacking, schedule reversal, lack of design details, and extremely limited material staging can become a tipping point for less experienced contractors. This project allowed us to accept these challenges with poise and demonstrate the true professionalism that our clients have come to rely on, even on the toughest of projects.

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Solutions Highlights

  • Torch Applied Built Up Roofing: 7,100 square feet of Soprema® roofing installed on amenity roof areas (levels 7, 11, 22, 23, 24, and 25, which was the main roof area)
  • PVC Roofing: 7,200 square feet of Sarnafil PVC roofing installed on upper penthouse areas

Project At-A-Glance

  • Client Turner Construction
  • Location Seattle, WA
  • Groundbreaking May, 2012
  • Opening January, 2014
  • Full Completion January, 2014
  • Owner 1915 Second Ave LLC
  • Architect Weber Thompson
  • Snyder Estimator


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