While Snyder has long been respected as a premier exterior commercial contractor, we are known for employing the best people in the business. From your very first point of contact through to the day when the last truck leaves the job site, we are committed to building relationships with our clients, our partners, and our community.


Snyder Estimator in Office

Snyder’s Estimators bring the work in and bid the work out. Estimators must be familiar with each aspect of the project before it happens, each process to be employed, and the product systems that make the project possible.

Snyder Project Managers

Our Project Managers serve as both coach and quarterback and they ensure our success at the job site. Project managers manage the resources, both human and capital, at every level and at each stage of the project.

Snyder Team on Job Site

The Field Team is our most visible representatives at the job site, and is made up of the crew, superintendents, foreman, and safety coordinators. Subcontractors are our partners in business, a subcontractor represents Snyder as closely as any of our employees.

Snyder Administrative Staff in Office

The office team facilitates daily operations at Snyder’s headquarters in Oregon and Washington. Whether it’s scheduling appointments, planning projects of staffing the business, administrators maintain the records for the business, and acts as a liaison between employees, management, and what’s happening in the field.