Waterproofing Services

Thanks to an abundance of water, the Pacific Northwest is a lush tapestry of blue and green. We also know that it’s imperative to keep the source of that palette safely contained when it comes to structures and pathways, crawl spaces, and gathering places. Whether it’s below-grade or rubberized waterproofing, or coatings, Snyder employs the people with the expertise and the solutions to ensure your investment stays protected and watertight.


Below-Grade Waterproofing

Snyder offers a variety of below-grade waterproofing based on the needs of the project. The most common of these applications are sheet goods such as bentonite, self-adhered, and other synthetic products. How they are applied is dependent on project requirements and specified design. You can find our team applying below-grade waterproofing on a variety of applications such as amenity decks, elevator pits, green roofs, wine cellars, below-grade portions of structures, and more.


Rubberized Waterproofing

Rubberized waterproofing, typically hot rubberized asphalt, is a fluid-applied application on horizontal or vertical structures such as plazas, parking decks, planters, reinforced assemblies, foundation walls and roof areas. Rubberized waterproofing conforms to difficult transitions and detailing and is a system that can be warranted in hydrostatic conditions which provides flexibility to the design team. This form of waterproofing is regularly found on green roofing projects with overburden.



Typically, in a cold-applied system, coatings are applied in the field as a film to a surface to provide protection to the original substrate and areas within the structure. Coating systems are often reinforced to provide increased performance and longevity. A few examples of coating projects we can perform include roof restoration and maintenance, dampproofing, traffic coatings (pedestrian or vehicle coatings in parking garages), and tank liners.

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