Service & Maintenance

It’s one thing to build from the ground up. It’s another thing to keep that structure in sustaining order and operating flawlessly. Service and Maintenance are the lifeblood to the overall health of any building. And for Snyder, with hundreds of buildings under our care and so many skilled craftspeople solely focused on the condition of those structures, we understand the importance of on-going maintenance better than anyone in the Pacific Northwest. Work with us. For the life of your building.

Service & Maintenance

Emergency Leak Response

In the Pacific Northwest, we know rain, snow, wind, and their resulting leaks don’t wait for a convenient time to occur. Response, action, and communication are critical any time water enters a building. You can count on Snyder’s dedicated and experienced full-time technicians to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to any roofing/waterproofing-related emergency. Following our on-site visit, you’ll receive a report outlining defects and repairs made along with other long-term recommendations which is an important tool in the ongoing management of your investment.

Service & Maintenance

Roof Asset Management

As a Snyder Roof Asset Management (RAM) customer, maintaining your roof to sustain the roofing manufacturer’s warranty requirements for maintenance as well as ensuring you receive the full expected useful life from your assembly is our number one priority. We offer RAM programs with the goal of maximizing the life remaining on your roof while minimizing the potential for leaks and overall reducing the cost of the roof. Each program offers a variety of coverage (some include no-charge service calls arising from water intrusion) based on your building’s needs, and we’ll work with you to establish and maintain a budget for the care and maintenance of your roof assembly. Following each roof visit, you are provided with reports containing photos of maintenance performed along with a documented account of the visit and updated status of your roof.

Service & Maintenance

Tenant Improvement Support

From furnishing and installing all roofing and waterproofing related components associated with site changes to performing roofing and waterproofing related inspections that provide a customer with a detailed report that includes overall condition upon start and completion of the work impacting the roofing or waterproofing, Snyder is well-versed in the world of TI support. As certified installers of many of the largest manufacturer names in roofing and waterproofing materials, Snyder can ensure that the modifications are in line with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements including the report necessary to retain warranties on installed assemblies. All tenant improvement projects, large or small, are backed by Snyder’s workmanship guarantee.

Service & Maintenance

Expansion Joints

Building materials experience stress due to structural movement from thermal expansion, seismic activity, and wind. To relieve this stress, expansion joints are designed into the structure on the onset to proactively anticipate this movement and provide space for the materials to move, which is critical to infrastructure. Whether it be installing new premanufactured expansion joints or providing repairs to existing assemblies, Snyder’s technicians have the experience and training to integrate these systems into your building.

Service & Maintenance

Pavers & Overburden

Whether used for aesthetics or functionality, pavers are ideal for a variety of applications such as patios, plazas, and courtyards. Snyder’s professional craftsmen have turned paver installs into an art. Our teams do all the measuring and cutting of the individual pavers, in house, to fit the unique conditions of your project. The use of an adjustable pedestal system provides the designer with the ability to achieve level plaza deck surfaces even when there are unusual slope-to-drain configurations. Snyder can often be found installing paver decks in tandem with landscaping contractors.

Service & Maintenance

Leak Crack Injection

Buildings need attention. When a crack forms in a concrete wall, column, or slab, if left unrepaired, serious damage may occur including water entry into those unwanted locations. Corrective repairs via epoxy pressure injection are a cost-effective solution used to perform these repairs. Because of our experience with waterproofing assemblies on the exterior side, we are well-versed in assessing the conditions and providing recommendations to properly address your concerns.

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