Project Profile

Lumen Field


Newly renamed sports field and home to Seattle NFL, MLS and NWSL teams required new roof and signage

Years of experience with event centers and sports arenas landed Snyder this highly visible project. Having performed roofing and waterproofing on most of the sports venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, Lumen Field was a natural fit for our crews. The trusted relationship developed between the Owner and Snyder’s Service Department leading up to the need to replace the roof ensured that Snyder understood the Owner’s needs and was able to instill trust and confidence with the Owner. This project’s schedule was time sensitive and needed to be completed by the start Seahawks’ season. Our scope included working between the Owner and the membrane manufacturer to develop custom colors for the single-ply membrane as well as installing the membrane in the field and the layout and installation of a new custom color membrane logo requiring GPS plotting to ensure the proper layout and size of the letters spanning 305’ long and 45’ tall down each side of the stadium. LED lighting outlining the logo was installed on PVC stanchions welded to the new membrane without the use of any penetrating securement. Facility operations and public access to the surrounding site needed to be maintained throughout the course of the project. Our team battled extreme heat, unique hazards given the profile of the roof, and a short timeline all while safely completing the project ahead of schedule.

Project Type

Urban Downtown – Event Center

Project Highlights


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