Safety is paramount at Snyder. Full stop. It’s a commitment to every employee, every partner, and every person who engages with a Snyder worksite or finished project. As an award-winning leader in safety within the industry, we believe continuous improvement is a never-ending pursuit fueled by open communication and active partnership.
Man hanging by safety harness from forklift during training

Safety at Snyder begins with Trust.

Man roofing while wearing safety harness

Safety at Snyder ends with Proof.

Safety Manager checks harness for fit during safety training at Snyder

We show up for Safety.

EHS Director Lucille Mihalic conducts safetu training

World-class safety. Our top priority.

Our safety program is strenuous and designed to ensure everyone makes it home safely every night. Some elements of our program include:

OSHA 30 Certified

Foremen are trained in OSHA 30 and Certified Competent Person Fall Protection

First AID / CPR / AED

Snyder’s workforce is trained in First Aid/CPR/AED

JHA Excellence

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a living document

Safety Program Review

Our written safety policy is reviewed and updated frequently

SSSP for All Sites

A comprehensive Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is established for all jobsites

CERTA Training

Snyder's workforce is trained in fire-safe installations through NRCA's CERTA program

Site Inspections

Regular, random, unannounced inspections are conducted with full report out

Drug-Free Policy

Pre-employment, random, post-incident and for-cause UA’s are conducted

Accountability Matrix

A disciplinary matrix for behavior modification is utilized

Detailed Reporting

Incident reports are captured for documentation and lessons learned

Crew Safety Incentives

Crews (not individuals) are rewarded for passing inspections and near miss reports

Special CERTs & Trainings

Snyder requires or offers task- specific certifications and trainings pertaining to rigging and signaling, MEWP, forklift, CERTA torch, flagging, confined space, and power actuated tools, to name a few.

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Lucille Mihalic

Lucille Mihalic

EHS Director

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Suzanne Young

EHS Manager

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Cesar Adrian

EHS Manager