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Roofing and waterproofing mean something different to us in the Pacific Northwest. There is no single template for success. Whether it’s new construction or maintaining the integrity of an existing structure, the weather patterns and climate in our region demand special attention.

Regardless of the weather overhead, services are where we really shine. From high-performance roofing systems to below-grade foundations and from pavers to planters, our applications are approved, our technologies are time-tested, and our dedication to quality is proven. Achieving this standard at Snyder can be attributed to our philosophy on what matters most and where we point our compass.



Our Commitment

We Believe

Our community matters.

We work where we live and take pride in maintaining the space for generations to come.

We Embrace

Diversity of people.

We are lucky to employ people who bring a variety of experience to the job. Be it from their nation of origin or time as a veteran to religious view or age, our differences offer perspective, strengthen the team, and make us all better.

We Reach

Our footprint is large.

From the type of work we perform to the geographic area we can serve, our net is cast broadly, and we’re able to handle challenges specific to the PNW that many roofing contractors across the United States never experience.

We Support

We invest in our industry.

Alongside our competitors, for decades, we have actively participated in and partnered with associations to ensure the betterment of the construction and roofing industry.

We Strive

We tackle every size of project; nothing is too big or too small.

From our contract teams to our service departments, we are nimble and able to address project needs regardless of size and complexity.

We Engage

We believe in relationships.

Be it with customers or industry partners, we work hard to maintain lasting and mutual relationships.

We Honor

We employ families.

There’s great pride in knowing we’ve employed multi-generations of sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, siblings and grandparents – often at the same time.

We Protect

Safety comes first.

Above all else, we do not compromise when it comes to the safety of every employee, business partner and public.

We Advance

Quality matters.

Regardless of expectations, we install systems that last by focusing on the details of the project and doing what’s right.
Snyder Roofing Historical Photo

100 Years Strong


Building Relationships

Defined by People

Meet Snyder​

Since our founding in 1922, the people of Snyder have honored a shared commitment to unsurpassed workmanship and unparalleled service.

Building Our Future

Career Opportunities

If you’re interested in shaping the next chapter of Snyder, you’re the type of person we’re looking for. Join us and build something special.