Project Profile

Georgetown Brewing Company


Washington State’s largest independent brewery’s warehouse receives a re-roof

When this building came due for a re-roof, Snyder was very familiar with what needed to be done given the Service team had been maintaining this building. We provided the Owner with a solution to replace the failed roof that included full removal of the existing roof assembly and the installation of a new SBS built-up roof system. In re-roofing projects, unforeseen conditions are common, and this project was no different having encountered deteriorated decking. These conditions can create significant risk to crews working on the project, but with Snyder’s strong safety culture, the risk was mitigated, and we were able to address the deteriorated decking as a part of our scope on this project. Due to careful planning and our proficiency with these types of projects, we were able to complete the project on an accelerated schedule before weather became a factor.

Project Type

Business Park – Industrial/Manufacturing

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