Safety at Snyder begins with trust.

Trust from our workforce that Snyder will provide them with the plans, equipment and training to perform their work safely. 

Trust from all employees that an indifference to safety will not be tolerated, so they are free to speak up when they observe unsafe attitudes or actions.

Trust from our management team that each employee will consider the safety of everyone around them as they go about their day.

Safety at Snyder ends with proof.

Proof that a positive and proactive approach to safety creates a strong safety culture.

Proof that reporting of near misses raises awareness and prevents repeat hazards.

Proof that early reporting of injuries culminates in a better-than-average EMR.

Snyder Roofing is uncompromising in its commitment to the safety of all employees, business partners and general public. Open communication and meaningful partnerships have driven innovation and placed us as an Award-Winning World-Class Leader in Safety.