Snyder has been nationally recognized for the development of a successful safety culture in all of our operations. We pride ourselves in these efforts. Snyder maintains one of the best safety records in the commercial roofing industry. Over the past five years, we have consistently earned an insurance Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 0.80, or under, at all of our locations.

Our company employs two full-time Corporate Safety Coordinators who prepare safety and fall protection plans for every job. We also utilize a full-time document control administrator to assure timely delivery of MSDS sheets, and other important pre-construction and project close-out data. Pre-hire drug tests, as well as random and third-party random drug testing are core parts of Snyder’s safety program.

To ensure the safe work practices of our employees and subcontractors, Snyder conducts daily and weekly jobsite audits and random safety audits. All employees attend weekly jobsite safety meetings and have the opportunity to participate in jobsite safety committees. We hold monthly safety meetings, in-house training, as well as jobsite tool-box talks. On every project, a job hazard analysis must be performed daily, which results in constant crew training.

All Snyder subcontractors must meet the safety requirements specified in our Safety Manual before being deployed to any jobsite. It is this comprehensive commitment to safety that separates Snyder.