Snyder Sends Staff to FMI Leadership Institute

Two members of Snyder’s leadership team, Josh Mullen – Vice President of Operations, Washington, and Vince Lightfoot – Vice President of Operations, Oregon, attended the FMI Leadership Institute in Denver, Colorado, from January 27-30.

The Leadership Institute is a 4 day training that brings together future and present leaders from companies throughout the construction industry. The sessions and program are lead by over a dozen FMI professionals that have either come out of the construction industry or spent their career focusing on the challenges and the practical world we encounter within the construction field – often different than other more conventional work environments.

The program was designed to focus on personal leadership and its impacts on others as well as organizations.  This was done through several interactive small group activities and discussions, large group seminars, and most importantly direct feedback on performance during these exercises and input collected about each attendee prior to attending. This prior feedback included Myers-Briggs personality assessment, Battery Aptitude test measuring baseline skills, and 360 reviews that provided direct feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, and customers. The learning focused on students understanding themselves as leaders and how to give and receive effective feedback through setting goals, aligning resources, and motivating and inspiring others. In addition to the session and exercises, attendees were put into groups and worked to create a simulated company that went on to deliver and execute an RFP for a construction project.

Students were also given (two) one-on-one sessions with FMI leaders to review their personal position based on the interaction throughout the week, feedback from the pre-class information, and their own personal goals. This allowed them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they would apply in the work they do, as well as recognize challenges when working as a leader.

“After attending the class,” said Mullen “I feel that I have a better understanding of who I am as a leader, where I need to improve, and what being a good leader looks like. I believe that my increased self-awareness will make me a better communicator.”

Snyder plans on sending more employees to the Leadership Institute next year.