Snyder Travels to Japan to Celebrate Sister Company’s 90th Year

Nearly 20 years ago, Snyder began trading roofing insights with Sapporo, Japan’s Hamaken Roofing Company as part of the Portland-Sapporo Sister City Association. What started out as a declaration of sister companies between two owners, Snyder’s James King and Hamaken’s Shinji Hamano, has blossomed into a lifelong friendship between the two, their families, and employees of both organizations.

Recently, Sherrin King, Snyder Trustee and widow of the late James King, traveled to Japan to celebrate Hamaken’s 90-Year Anniversary. Just a year ago, Shinji Hamano brought a group of his employees to Portland to celebrate Snyder’s 90-Year Anniversary.

The relationship has benefited both companies in a number of ways. Aside from a lasting friendship, and gaining international perspective on the commercial roofing industry, Snyder has also had the pleasure of hosting a Japanese exchange student. Hamano has extended the same invitation to Snyder employees who may have children interested in participating in an exchange abroad.