Project Profile

Another building in the U.S.A. General Services Administration (GSA) portfolio, the BPA 905 project was a study in energy efficiency. Along with general contractor, Allen-Bradbury and partners Tuefel Landscape and TERRA.fluxus, the effort to maximize the energy strategy included a blend of ecoroof(s) and accessible terraces to provide visual access to nature, habitat, heat island mitigation, storm water management and overall longevity. The green rooftops are irrigated with captured rainwater to ensure net-zero potable water use.

Embracing nature while reducing energy.
For years, the 911 Building was home to the Bonneville Power Administration. When BPA 905 was built in 1987, we installed the original roof. This retrofit, funded by federal stimulus dollars, encompassed four levels with paved terraces surrounding sculptural berms of semi-intensive vegetation. A stone “stream” meanders through the landscape of the terraces to reference the waterways of the Pacific Northwest and their connection to BPA. We removed the legacy roof and pavers on all terraces and repurposed more than 40 concrete planters from various levels. We improved the insulation R-Value to an R36 average and installed a Garland 3-ply SBS cold-applied roof system and new 10,400 sq. ft. ecoroof.

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Solutions Highlights

  • Reflective Roofing: Installed Garland 3-ply cold-applied reflective roof system.
  • Vegetative Roofing: Installed a 10,200 sq. ft. ecoroof to enhance building performance.
  • Insulation: Improved insulation R-Value to an R36 average.

Project At-A-Glance

  • Client Bonneville Power Administration
  • Location Portland, OR
  • Groundbreaking Summer 2005
  • Owner U.S. General Services Administration
  • Architect Allen-Bradbury Construction (Retrofit)
  • Snyder Estimator