Project Profile

Located on Portland’s South Waterfront, the 480,000 square foot OHSU/OUS Collaborative Life Sciences Building brings together three of Oregon’s leading universities: Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon State University and Portland State University under one single roof. The new facility is designed to build upon educational partnerships and create jobs while expanding teaching facilities, class sizes, and research activities. The goal is to increase the number of doctors, dentists and researchers graduating from Oregon institutions.

Expanding partnerships: linking education and research.
With funding generated by state bonds, institutional, transportation and private contributions totaling nearly $300 million and LEED Platinum certification at stake, public scrutiny is always high. Factor in a tight timeline predicated by enrollment of the leading universities in the state and a process defined by the collaborative nature of the building itself, and the need for detailed coordination is critical. And then, we must consider a waterfront site with limited access and up to 500 construction employees for X companies on the property and safety becomes paramount. These are opportunities for Snyder to demonstrate our abilities and rise to the occasion. It’s another honest day on the job. It’s how we are building more.

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Solutions Highlights

  • Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing: To prevent unanticipated wind uplift, installed interlocking pavers under garden roofs and garage areas.
  • PVC Roofing: Custom rib install on PVC roof system for appearance of more expensive metal roofing.
  • SBS Torch Roofing: To combat un- predictable NW weather, SBS torch-applied system cures faster. Added vapor barriers prevent degradation.

Project At-A-Glance

  • Client J. E. Dunn Construction
  • Location Portland, OR
  • Groundbreaking October 2011
  • Opening August 2013
  • Full Completion Spring 2014
  • Owner State of Oregon
  • Architect SERA Architects