Project Profile

Located approximately 25 miles from Seattle in Washington’s Cascade mountains, Snoqualmie Casino is a Vegas-style gaming and world-class entertainment facility. Completed in 2008 by Skanska Building USA, Snoqualmie Casino is 168,600 square feet of fine dining and concert venues, gift shops, and accommodations. Between building materials requirements, an aggressive project timeline, and the remote geographic location of the casino, the project demanded some interesting solutions. Snyder was up for it.

A mountainside retreat for adult entertainment.
For this project, time was of the essence. To meet timelines, an accelerated schedule required work to be performed during inclement weather and over extended hours. Beyond the schedule, the architect and general contractor had specified that wood products were not allowed to be used throughout the majority of the project. A basic requirement stipulated that the roof system must withstand 120 mph sustainable winds with peak gusts of 200 mph. Structural girders were installed with a concave bow. This bow transferred through the structural decking and appeared in the roof substrate. We leveled the bow by drawing string lines and installing structural shims to level out the metal batten system.

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Solutions Highlights

  • Concrete Tile Roof System: Engineered 163,100 sq ft concrete tile roof system, gypsum underlayment, self-adhered retarder
  • Six-Inch Insulation: Installed 6-inch rigid insulation
  • Batten System: Installed 147,500 linear foot vertical and horizontal batten system

Project At-A-Glance

  • Client Skanska Building USA
  • Location Snoqualmie, WA
  • Groundbreaking 2007
  • Opening 2008
  • Full Completion 2008
  • Owner Snoqualmie Tribe
  • Architect Bergman, Walls and Associates
  • Snyder Estimator

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