Snyder has taken the lead when it comes to sustainable building in the roofing industry. For decades we have been assisting our clients with reflective roofing and installing vegetative plazas that reduce outdoor air temperatures and the resulting urban heat island effect. A vegetative roof soaks up rain and reduces stormwater runoff, which is a huge benefit to our communities. While we are proud of the many acres we have installed in the Pacific Northwest, our environmental solutions don’t stop there.

Material reuse, using materials with recycled content, recycling roofing membranes and/or insulation, and/or using low VOC sealants, adhesives, primers and coatings has also reduced our environmental impact. Snyder can also assist with certifications such as LEED and, more recently, RoofPoint – which is a newer green rating system designed specifically for commercial roofing systems by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing.

Projects Involving Environmental Solutions