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Labor Temple


Art Deco style Labor Temple, which has been home to Unions since 1942, is renovated and converted into a co-working space and social club for business executives
Partnering with the general contractor to ensure success on this complex project and project sequencing proved to be key in securing the roofing work on this historic building. We worked extensively with the general contractor to assist with different assembly and cost options and often met onsite to make sure everyone was on the same page throughout the project. Our scope included removal of the existing roof assembly, followed by installation of a new SBS built-up roof system and overseeing the sheet metal scope for the project. One of the advantages Snyder provided the general contractor was our experience and knowledge of various systems and components and options available within certain manufacturers to provide reliable recommendations for the unique conditions encountered. The Owner was heavily involved in this project and quickly developed a trust of Snyder looking to us for solutions and recommendations on the roofing and sheet metal scopes throughout the course of the project.

Project Type

Urban Downtown – Historic

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